Earth2 Official Whitepaper

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Earth 2 is a concept for a second virtual Earth; a metaverse, between virtual and physical reality in which real-world geolocations on a sectioned map correspond to geographically accurate digital virtual environments inside a 1:1 scale virtual Earth. These environments currently have the ability to detect, mine and produce digital assets, can be bought, owned and sold, and – in the near future interactable and playable inside a 3D world.

This White Paper will provide a light introduction to Earth, some of our current features and some of the future plans for our platform.


We are building the world’s geolocational metaverse; an evolving creation of a second virtual Earth that bridges a clear, familiar and relatable link between physical and virtual reality. This innovative approach to the metaverse establishes a direct correlation between locations in the real-world, to locations in the metaverse and our plan is to create a pristine 1:1 scale interactive 3D Earth based on this concept which will give people a place to participate in and build an alternate reality around our physical existence.


Earth 2 first launched as a proof of concept in November 2020 by releasing “the Grid”, a mathematically calculated digitalized layer of land our team developed and delivered via our website. The Grid covered every continent, sea, country, state, city and suburb on our planet and provided people with a way to begin reserving their land inside the metaverse. Earth 2 has since grown to become the outright largest virtual land registry in the world.


Each piece of virtual land will maintain an irrefutable link back to the physical world through its unique, corresponding geolocational attribute. Similar to our physical world, people can reserve their own land inside this second Earth and begin mining E-ther which is then transformable into a high utility, disinflationary, ERC-20 token called Essence. Depending on the location and tier type, land inside Earth 2 also has the ability to detect and mine up to 32 different types of resources. These resources will provide the initial gateway for people to craft and create technology to interact with and rebuild the world the way they wish.

Therefore, the ability to build, create or produce something inside Earth 2 will be the result of either Player time, ownership, management, trading, acquisition, effort, or a mixture of all 6. This approach will support a justifiable extrinsic value on everything that is Player mined or produced within Earth 2 setting the foundation for a true Earth size EcoSim.


If you’re unfamiliar with the Metaverse concept, you may be familiar with the general ideology of a Metaverse after watching films like The Matrix or Ready Player 1 or reading books such as Snow Crash, however, we note that nobody really knows what the actual Metaverse will look like just yet, or how it will start, we just know it’s coming and we’re committed to start building early.

It is impossible to ignore the fact that the Metaverse space is an exciting one, with a growing number of reasons as to why reputable companies such as JP Morgan are claiming it will become a trillion dollar market opportunity in yearly revenues over the next decade, but at this early stage the metaverse space is convoluted and is fast becoming a difficult area for people to understand, navigate and most importantly, discover. Earth 2 brings an instant familiarity to the concept of an alternate digital reality becoming a great starting point for anyone looking for the immersive, escaping gift of the Metaverse.


We have spent the past 3 years building during a bear market into what will be a long-term multi-year project focused on creating a 1:1 scale second virtual Earth with humanmade artifacts such as cities, roads and other infrastructure programmatically removed. Effectively resetting our planet, the result will be a pristine Earth going back to a time it was yet untouched by humans, beckoning a new start for virtual representations of ourselves to explore, play, own, survive, craft, mine, trade, build, battle, experience, learn, socialise, escape to and much more.


There is no doubt that Earth 2 is an extremely ambitious project and that we have many large tasks ahead of us, however, since launching 3 years ago and in the face of very heavy public skepticism, our team has been rapidly prototyping and developing the early foundations for this alternate reality inside a 1:1 scale 3D Earth.


We recently confirmed significant breakthroughs showcasing a public demo of our seamless 1:1 scale 3D Earth to some of the biggest game developers in the world and proving we have in fact made incredible progress with the creation of this ‘impossible world’. Defying sceptics who doubted its feasibility, this showcasing took place at none other than the biggest global gaming event of the year, GDC 2024, San Francisco, front and center of the exhibition between the very central Meta and Unity stands.


Since launching the concept in November, 2020, Earth 2’s business model has been 100% self-sufficient, we have not raised any outside capital from VCs, although we had many opportunities to do so. Not all VC capital is bad, but it is well known that such captial puts pressure on making returns for the fund before the platform.

All of the development and progress we have made has been supported by our business model. This is an important fact as it allows us to be in better control of the way we run our project and the opportunities we can then provide back to our Players and those supporting the Token. We avoided any official ICOs or ITOs instead prioritizing development of the platform, therefore, when the Essence token launches, the vast majority of tokens will be those that have been mined by Players from their land.


Instead of closing our doors with the goal to release more robust product in 5 to 10 years’ time, our approach to building the Earth 2 Metaverse has been to develop and release core features via our website as we make progress with the 3D world development. Our plan is to ship a very early version of this 3D world (E2V1) and get it into the hands of our community providing not only something for people to do as we continue to develop but help us remain agile in development and pivot feature focus based on real use examples.


Though E2V1 will first be released on PC, we have do have long term goals to include Augmented Reality elements and support VR. We have tested early versions of VR and the results are encouraging. Earth 2 is now close to entering a new phase of our journey with the E2V1 pre-alpha and an externally tradeable utility token. With this intro out of the way, read on for more specific details.

This document cannot and will not include all evolving facets of Earth 2 as many in our community will note, but rather provide a high level overview of summarized key points that are good for people new to the Earth 2 concept to understand.



Earth 2 Version 1 (E2V1) is the starting point for Earth 2’s flagship product, a seamless, real time, 510,072,000 km2 1:1 scale persistent virtual planet Earth that accurately reflects real world topology and geographical locations. To achieve this goal, Earth 2 is developing the Earth 2 Engine, a proprietary engine that sits on top of Unity 3D. The Earth 2 Engine is being designed to deliver high-performance, massive-scale 64-bit real-time rendering and physics in both close up and distant views.


Our proprietary Terrain Renderer is one of the key subsystems of the Earth 2 Engine and is responsible for the real-time, semi photorealistic terrain and environment rendering that takes place on a massive scale delivering an immersive experience along with extraordinary view distances. It is exceptionally optimized and employs innovative techniques to deliver significantly improved performance compared to traditional rendering methods. The view range and close-up detail are virtually limitless, as the terrain can effectively be of any size. Moreover, the system automatically adjusts the terrain mesh’s detail level when moving at high speeds, ensuring faster rendering and streaming without over-compromising visual quality resulting in a more seamless and realistic overall experience.


The Earth 2 Engine Terrain Renderer uses elevation data from an extensive variety of public and private sector sources worldwide to create highly detailed and accurate Digital Elevation Models, representing the Earth’s topographic surface. The elevation data undergoes refinement and validation processes using various algorithms to ensure consistency with real-world topological features, including rivers, mountains, shorelines, and canyons. For example, the data has been adjusted to match heights at water levels and even has the capability to ensure the correct direction of flowing streams and rivers. The height map data is used to derive a lot of other useful geometric information such as surface detail, steepness, and curvature.

Unlike traditional approaches that utilize satellite imagery, Earth 2 opts for synthesizing satellite data in real-time using a parametric and procedural approach. This method avoids the limitations and drawbacks associated with satellite images, such as low quality, large file sizes, and artifacts caused by lighting, shadows, and man-made structures.


The Earth 2 Engine Biome Generation System has been developed to allow for the simulation of various biomes in different geographical areas on a global scale. Much like the real world, biomes are generally spread over large regions based on climate patterns, vegetation, wildlife, and soil types. The Earth 2 Engine Biome Generation System has been designed in such a way that it can be programmatically applied to vast areas to match the appearance of satellite images or otherwise researched details of a biome in those areas.

Each biome includes unique combination sets of 3D models and textures which spawn based on a list of internal variables detected with the terrain data. The rules for each biome are currently manually created and applied by our team in some, but not all, areas of the world. This approach which will remain the case during the testing phases but may switch in the future to a more automated system.

To enhance their natural appearance, biomes incorporate clustered fractal randomization when placing contents such as sub-biomes and transition areas. Biomes encompass parameters for elements like snow, forest, foliage, and grass, specifying coverage, height or color, as well as probabilities and types of dynamic events such as NPC movement, animal behavior, storms, and natural disasters.

The early versions of the Earth 2 Engine Biome Generation System will support around 250 biome variations, a number that will set a strong foundation for a realistic and diverse world. The Earth 2 Engine automatically accounts for seamless transitions between biomes so that they blend naturally at points where they overlap. Some example biomes you may expect to find inside E2V1 are Arid Deserts, Volcanic, Flooded Grasslands, Tropical Savanna, Subtropical Rainforest, Alpine Forest, Savannas, Temperate Broadleaf, Mangrove Forest, Arctic Tundra, Temperate Steppe, Polar Ice Caps and many others.


The open world we are building is not only being developed to look at, but will also be playable, meaning Players can spawn an avatar and interact with the world, anywhere on the 510,072,000 km2 Earth’s surface.


Interaction with other people inside E2V1 is also important. In 2023, we internally developed the first version of our own multiplayer system, customized to work on massive open world terrain. For example, the system we developed would allow one Player to be in London while another is in New York persistently on the same server instance. With regards to scaling concurrent users our internal multiplayer system faced the same limitations that all multiplayer games face nowadays, however, we are pushing the boundaries in this regard by working with emerging multiplayer solution providers who have demonstrated impressive prototypes supporting hundreds or thousands of CCUs on a single sharded server.


Shortly after we launched Earth 2 and as our project went viral, we received a lot of public skepticism around whether this geographically accurate 510,072,000 km2 world was possible. Although we released numerous footages via our YouTube channel, displaying the progress, we were making on creating this world, many sceptics still believed the footage was pre-rendered or otherwise, fake.


The put any doubt to rest, Earth 2 officially demonstrated the E2V1 build live at the biggest global gaming conference in the world, GDC. Located in the busiest area of the exposition section between the mega booths of Meta and Unity, E2V1 was live and publicly available over 3 days for anyone walking past to try out and validate the 1:1 scale Earth. There were multiple senior members from Unity stop by to look at the tech, visiting the pristine terrain of the cities they live in and each of which were extremely impressed, questioning how we managed to build such a world at scale but also performant. A number of other studios stopped by, some asking if we would be willing to license the technology for them to build games inside of. Game producers, Web3 companies, indie devs stopped by and had incredibly positive compliments. Many developers who have been involved with or focused on building open worlds also stopped by to ask questions about how we managed to create such a build. Geography lovers spent time zooming around the world, remarking on the accuracy of the topology on a global scale. Almost everyone was impressed by the seamless transitioning and freedom of movement at such scale. The reality is our team took a strong stance toward only releasing actual in-engine footage of Earth 2 shortly after we launched, going against the trend of games typically using high quality pre-rendered cinematic videos to hype and promote a version of their product that doesn’t really exist. We can confirm that apart from the very first promotional inception video we released in November 2020 – every video we have released since has been real-time in game footage of the actual E2V1 product.


Much like its significance in the physical world, land on Earth 2 holds paramount importance within the metaverse serving as the primary source of utility for resources, not only for sustaining development and life, but also providing forms of entertainment for it inside Earth 2. The first opportunity the outside world had at reserving land was when we released our proof of concept in November 2020 by launching “the Grid”, a mathematically calculated digitalized layer of land we developed which was accessible via our website and covered every continent, sea, country, state, city and suburb on our planet. The Grid allowed people to begin reserving their land inside the metaverse in the form of tiles.

Since then, people have been able to reserve land inside Earth 2 using a credit card by purchasing E$ (E$1 = $1USD). People have been able to trade their land and other digital items for E$ and the ability to withdraw those E$ back to their credit card or bank account.


When Earth 2 first launched our key focus was to continue adding utility and purpose to land. Three years later and nothing has changed, land is not only used to mine E-ther, Essence, Jewels and Resources, but will also be required to build, host mini-games, advertise, store, Raid from, provide PvP experiences, e-commerce and much more.

When considered, almost any product or experience in the physical world is only made possible due to some form of attribution back to the land or sea of this world, and like the physical world, our goal is to replicate similar attributions back to land in the metaverse in order to provide actual intrinsic value to products and experiences developed in Earth 2 as a result of the work required to achieve such products and experiences.

There will be a supply cap of 250 million T1 and T2 tiles with 225 million being directly purchasable as new land and 25 million T2 tile positions reserved for T3 upgrades. There will be an unlimited supply for T3 tiles so new Players can always build in new areas and have an opportunity to attract uncollected E-ther.


The EcoSim, short for Economic Simulator, starts with land but ends with everything else. It is the core means of producing anything inside of Earth 2 and the driving force behind objects and items having an initial, inherent intrinsic value. In addition to the other utility land provides, it can also detect Resources in the form of Occurence Units via the Mentar and Prospecting Cydroids. These Occurrence Units can then be use to produce Raw Material via an Essence staking mechanism which in turn opens the door to building the initial EcoSim buildings, producing building blocks and advancing technology to build or create more advanced buildings or items.


If you look around you in the real world you will see buildings, vehicles, objects and all types of possessions that have been created as a result of work and resources. In most cases there is a complex process behind creating these things, and although it will be easier to produce things inside of Earth 2 when compared to the real world, the premise remains that work, and resources being required as core components to produce an item gives it initial value.

Therefore, inside of Earth 2, almost every item you see will have either been discovered, crafted or a byproduct of the EcoSim, meaning Players cannot just click their fingers for something to appear, but that there has been some level of discovery, work or effort put into creating that object – whatever it may be. All of these items will be tradeable between Players for either E$ (pegged USD) or Essence.


E-ther is an unstable and somewhat mysterious matter that evaporates from owned land inside Earth 2. Theory has it that when land is claimed and ownership is recorded in the binary code of that land, the land itself commits to improving its own environment to the will of the Player who owns it. E-ther cannot be captured or stored naturally, but can be detected and identified by the Mentar linked to that land. Once detected, the Mentar can keep the E-ther stable for 24 hours, however, if the E-ther is not claimed within this period by the Player it becomes unstable and raidable by other Players with the correct type of Cydroid.


After the E-ther is collected by the Mentar it can then be used to either synthesise life or transform into Essence. Once collected, it cannot be redistributed into its particle form and therefore cannot be recollected.


For now, an unlimited amount of E-ther can be stored within an unlimited amount of networked Mentars, that is Mentars with the same owner, for an unlimited amount of time. However, over time this rule will be adjusted, especially the time factor E-ther can be stored for. In the future, Players will need to transform their E-ther into Essence within a specific period of time.


The E-ther base spawn rate is the rate T2 land spawns E-ther. This is important to remember when Base Spawn Rate multipliers are referenced.


Essence will be a high utility, disinflationary, ERC-20 Utility Token on the Ethereum Blockchain. It is crafted through the transformation of mined E-ther by the Mentar. Essence is arguably the most coveted commodity inside of Earth 2, largely due to the core utility it will provide. WHAT BIGGER UTILITY THAN POWER? Essence will be the core commodity required to power almost everything inside of Earth 2. People will need it to craft Power Cells, which will in turn be needed to power things such as:

  • buildings
  • Cydroids
  • vehicles
  • cities
  • devices
  • and more

Using Essence to power objects is what we refer to as direct staking, that is staking into an object that can then be used for alternative purposes providing opportunities for the Player to gain more via the utility of the object staked. Players will also need to stake Essence in order to generate Raw Materials opening the gateway to build and trade. Additional Essence may be used to supercharge production, in which case the supercharged amount will subject to a burn mechanism by which 50% of the Essence used to supercharge is burned. We are also excited to confirm that at some point in the future Essence may also be used to trade items on the platform, much like Players use E$ today.


Many aspiring web3 projects make the mistake of tying token quantity to essential products, items or commodities which are prerequisites for users to have any meaningful experience or hands-on involvement with their platform. This approach results in hyper inflated prices that may make for great headlines when super early token holders decide to splurge but can subsequently result in blocking the scalability and growth of the project due to the establishment of exorbitant and unrealistic prices that new users face when they want to get involved or become part of its ecosystem. Our approach with Essence is to lock in some values, especially for core facets of the EcoSim such as powering buildings and objects. This will mean tethering an internal measurement unit to a locked fiat figure which can be remunerated using Essence resulting in an adaptable token value system that slides, not only rewarding Players holding Essence if the externally traded price of Essence increases, but incentivizing Players actively holding to build and utilize their dynamically empowered Essence inside Earth 2 on the back of such growth.


For more details about Essence, please see the Tokenomics section.


Jewels are a digital commodity that can sometimes spawn and be detected on Player-owned land. These spawned Jewels can be manually collected and have existing utility now, and in various areas of the growing EcoSim. There are currently 8 basic Jewel types that may spawn on a Player’s property. These Jewels can then be crafted into higher Tier 2 or Tier 3 Jewels. Each Jewel provides different benefits to the Player and can help the Player in different areas within Earth 2, depending on what activities and goals the Player wants to focus on. To date, approximately 69,200,000 base level Tier 1 Jewels have been collected from Player owned properties. The total capped number of discoverable Tier 1 Jewels will be capped at 150,000,000 with Jewel detection and collection on Player owned properties will be capped at 125,000,000 and the remaining 25,000,000 being discoverable or earnable inside E2V1.


Jewels can also be crafted with a mixture of Essence and Jewel Shards to create higher quality Jewels that have greater boost effects. During the Jewel quality improvement process, there is a slim, completely random possibility of crafting a Brilliant Jewel which has even higher boosts but is extremely rare.


Jewels can be used in many areas of Earth 2 as boosts or buffs on objects. Currently they can be slotted into T1 and T2 land Mentars to increase E-ther detection and boost resource OU production. They can also be slotted into Cydroids to improve base specs.


Players are able to trade their Jewels for E$ in a secondary market called the Bazaar. Jewels tend to sell from anywhere between E$0.04 to E$50.00 each. However, Brilliant Jewels sell for hundreds if not thousands of dollars with the highest sale to date being E$8,500 (or $8,500 USD) for a single Brilliant Jewel. Currently, Players can slot Jewels into their properties’ Mentars to increase E-ther detection or speed up building times. Soon they will also be able to slot Jewels into their Cydroids to receive
special Raiding boosts and unlock other abilities. Jewels will also play a big role in Resource discovery and replication, and within the EcoSim system in general.



Landowners will have the ability to upgrade their land via the Earth 2 Land Upgrade System. This system requires either Essence alone or Essence plus a Red, Yellow, Green or Blue energy type which is then used to infuse your land with a sudden burst of power through the Mentar resulting in a permanent upgrade of that land.


The amount of Essence or Energy required to upgrade land can fluctuate and is determined by two major factors: the popularity or demand for land within a country or territory which is reflected by the New Land Price (NLP), and the external trade price of Essence. These two main factors should be taken into consideration when upgrading your land in order to determine whether it is a good time for you to upgrade, or not.


The Land Upgrade System has a special campaign built in for T2 landowners. The first 25,000 thousand T2 to T1 tile upgrades in each of the 5 methods (Essence alone, Essence + Red Energy, Essence + Yellow Energy, Essence + Blue energy and Essence + Green energy) in each country will receive a permanent boosted base E-ther spawn for what will be a Tier 1 Special property. The boosted E-ther spawn rate on a Tier 1 Special property will 5x the base E-ther spawn rate, higher than a standard T1 but still less than a T1 + EDC.


The Land Upgrade system will set in motion unprecedented and dynamic changes to the NLP of every Tier of land in Earth2. As tiles transition from a lower tier to a higher one, the total number of tiles in each tier will change following each upgrade. This can and will affect the rise and fall of NLPs for each Tier within the same territory (T3) and country (T1 and T2) as tiles are upgraded from one Tier to another. The constant fluctuations of NLPs for each Tier, as well as the external trade price of Essence will provide an array of opportunities related to land ownership, including adding another dimension to player-to-player property trading. More specific information on Land Upgrades will be released in an upcoming article.


The Essence burn rate on land upgrades will be 50-50 meaning 50% of the Essence used to upgrade land will be permanently burned and the other 50% will sent to the Earth 2 Treasury.



Cydroids are cybernetic beings created through the Mentar using Essence. First Gen of Cydroids are designed with a primary ability for Raiding but can acquire Prospecting abilities when fused with a Prospecting Resources Jewel. Second Gen Cydroids will be able to help with prospecting, but not have the ability to Raid E-ther. Cydroids can only be built on Tier 1 and Tier 2 lands hosted by Mentars, as Tier 3 lands, hosted by T3 SEEDs, are incapable of directly building Cydroids. Only 5,000,000 First Gen Cydroids may ever be built.


The process of creating a First Gen Cydroid is fixed to 2.5 Essence largely due to the fact First Gen Cydroids have the ability to recoup their cost via succesful Raids. Once a Cydroid is built, it needs to be powered in order to function. A First Gen Cydroid requires 5 fully charged Essence units which are injected into a Power Cell before the Cydroid can be used. These 5 Essence units can be 100% recouped at any time if removed in a fully charged state. This process of using Essence to power the First Gen Cydroid in order to use it for potential gain provides a classic example of how Essence can be staked inside Earth 2 for benefit to the Player.


Specific jewels can be temporarily or permanently slotted into Cydroids to enhance or unlock certain gameplay abilities. In particular, Prospecting Jewels can be permanently fused to a Cydroid, granting access to their prospecting abilities. Each Cydroid has its own unique type of Prospecting Jewel, so experimentation may be necessary to find the compatible Jewel.


Prospecting, a crucial aspect of resource gathering in the Ecosim, involves using Cydroids to decode and collect specific resources. This ability is unlocked when a Cydroid is fused with the appropriate Prospecting Jewel for a specific type of Resource. The right jewel not only enables prospecting but may also enhance the Cydroid’s capabilities based on the jewel’s quality and tier.


Raiding in Earth 2 Raiding is a strategic gameplay feature that allows players to utilise their First Gen Cydroids to conduct operations on nearby properties with the objective of gaining E-ther, a valuable resource within Earth 2, from other Players.


At a high level, the Raiding system is designed to be easy to play but challenging to master. Players will build Cydroids on their land properties, which are then sent out to conduct Raids on nearby properties. The purpose of these Raids is to collect E-ther that has become unstable due to not being collected within a 24-hour period after it spawned on other Player properties. The success of the Raid depends on the Cydroid’s capabilities, the surrounding competition of fellow Raiders and the amount of unstable E-ther available on the raided property.


Raiding rewards strategic thinking and careful management. At its core, it revolves around a balanced utilization of Essence. Essence not only provides operational capabilities for Cydroids but also unlocks the potential for increased Essence accumulation through Raiding. Players invest Essence to create Essence-based Cydroids, which are then deployed to gain more E-ther. In addition to this, while the Essence required to form the Cydroid’s physical form itself is unattainable, The Essence allocated as the absorbent material for Power Cells is. This cycle exemplifies the resource management that will be required in other areas of Earth 2. Players will need to carefully decide when to allocate Essence to build and power Cydroids, and when to withdraw Essence from Power Cells for other operations.


Civilians are semi-sentient beings synthesised by Players and employed to automate the operation of various Raiding tasks, removing the need for the Player to carry out each task manually. Civilians are essential for Players with a large portfolio of properties to manage all their tasks efficiently. However, Civilians may also be used by Players who are wanting to reduce their manual task-load in general.

There are currently 3 types of Civilians, the E-ther Reckoner, the Cydroid Technician and the Raid Commander, all of which have a maximum supply of 500,000 each and assist with automating the Raiding process on properties they reside on.


Civilians also introduced the very first sustenance system inside Earth 2. Players were able to keep their Civilians happy, sustained, and focused on their tasks by feeding them Red Energy (a type of energy that can be gained via conflict-type activities such as executing successful raids on other Player’s properties). Red Energy is instantly transferable via a Player’s Mentar network, meaning a Player can use their global Red Energy balance to sustain their Civilians on any of their properties around the world. This means that Red Energy earned in Africa can be used to sustain a Player’s Civilians in America, and vice versa. If a Player does not have enough Red Energy to sustain their First Edition Civilians, then those Civilians who miss out on Red Energy will cease working and begin wandering in the wilderness, looking for food or another source to sustain them to stay alive. For now, a Player will have the ability to convince their wandering Civilians to return automatically to their property and tasks once they have enough Red Energy to lure them back. First Edition Civilians will require one Red Energy unit per week to keep them loyal and happy. The unit of Red Energy is automatically distributed to each Civilian, once a week based on the day they received their first sustenance of Red Energy. For example, if you synthesise a Civilian on a Monday, you will need to replenish that Civilian with Red Energy every Monday. If a Civilian that was usually replenished on a Monday wandered into the wilderness and was lured back on a Wednesday, the new weekly sustenance cycle would occur on a Wednesday.


The first XP system was also implemented inside Earth 2 at the same time Civilians were released. The Civilians XP system allows Players to level up their Civilians, boosting productivity and obtaining new skills through hands-on experience. The first Civilians, which assists Players to execute their Raiding activities, gains XP from successful Raids when E-ther is dispensed on that property. Initially, every 0.01 E-ther dispensed will equate to 1 XP. It takes a team effort between the Civilians to Charge, Raid and Dispense, therefore, the XP is evenly split between however many Civilians Players have dedicated to their Raiding system for each specific property.


During our recent E2V1 Pre-Alpha YouTube premier and again at GDC 2024, San Francisco, we demonstrated not only a massive, open, 510,072,000 km2 planet Earth but also confirmation of our own multiplayer system including hints at what some of Earth 2’s first mini games might look like. Our approach to the first mini games inside Earth 2 is to allow them to take place on Player owned properties and to make them simple, quick, competitive and fun.


E-ther Royale is a prototype game we are testing which will operate on Player owned properties of 4 tiles or larger. The concept is simple, multiple Players spawn on a property scattered with E-ther particles. The larger the property, the more Players that can spawn. Each Player starts at a slow-motion walking speed, but each time a Player collects an E-ther particle, their avatar speeds up a little. Once the first particle is collected, a cool down timer begins, and the Player needs to collect another E-ther particle before the timer expires otherwise, they will reduce in speed and lose an E-ther particle for each level of speed they reduce until they return to zero again. There are a lot of additional rules to the game, but the objective is simple – collect as many E-ther particles as you can until there are no particles remaining. The Player with the most E-ther particles gets to keep them!


During 2023 the Earth 2 team successfully implemented our own multiplayer system. This was the system showcased in our E2V1 Pre-Alpha invite video. While our long term goals are naturally focused on working with specialised partners to push the limits on concurrent players interacting on a single sharder server, in the short term our own multiplayer system would be sufficient enough to provide mini-game experiences to our player base.


Irrespective of which multiplayer option is being utilised, Earth 2 intends to implement a Lobby system in which Players can enter via close proximity to a Mentar then search and wait for mini-games to start. Once a mini-game is confirmed, the Player’s avatar will teleport to that location and the game will commence.


As demonstrated at GDC 2024, the Earth 2 team is also working on additional game mechanics such as the rifle blaster, rocket launchers and grenades not to mention wheeled vehicles, flying machines and boats. These game controllers and mechanics will allow us to slowly expand the type of mini-games we can provide to property owners over time.


Our longer-term goal is not only to provide Earth 2 built mini games for landowners and Players to enjoy, but for the mechanics of those mini games to slowly accrue allowing Earth 2 to open up access to the various mechanics to Players and landowners have the opportunity to create their own unique games and experiences.


Broadcasting is a concept in which ads are broadcasted to Players waiting to join mini-games or in game experiences. This forms an integral part of our long-term vision in creating a self-sustaining Metaverse which provides a direct, or at least indirect, way of benefiting those who take part in or spend time on the platform.


Broadcasting introduces the very first Utility for Resource Occurrence Units. Players will be able to use their Occurrence Units to craft Broadcasting Devices inside the Mentar or Seed to unlock the ability to broadcast ads to Players who are waiting in the lobby before starting a mini game.


Broadcasting Devices will have different levels of efficiency depending on the Discovery Tier level of the Resource Occurrence Units used to craft the device. The higher the Discovery Tier level the more efficient it is at broadcasting and the less Essence required to power the device and deliver the ads.


As with most objects inside Earth 2, Broadcasting Devices will need to be powered by an Essence powered power cell in order to function. Once fully powered, the Broadcasting Device will require additional loaded Essence at a set ratio depending on its level of efficiency. Essence is only consumed based on the fiat value profit being made on the ad delivered. For example, a D1 crafted Broadcasting Device might return a 25% bonus on consumption, meaning that if $1.00 worth of Essence was consumed, at least $1.25 of ad revenue would have been generated meaning the owner would receive $1.25 in withdrawable credit. However, a D9 Broadcasting Device might generate 200% on the value of any Essence consumed.


50% of all Essence consumed during the Broadcasting process will be burned and 50% will be sent to the Treasury.


Landowners who utilize this service will require a specific type of relationship setup with Earth 2. Effectively Earth 2 is hosting your 3D digital space and is providing you credits for ad revenue generated on inside your space.


Being able to change your appearance with skins inside a game is important, it helps reflect the way you feel or provides you with something you enjoy looking at or becoming while playing. It’s not just what we think, in fact gaming skins alone is now over a $50 Billion industry. The ability to alter your virtual avatar is even more important inside the Metaverse where Players will ultimately wish to take on completely different appearances and personas in a virtual world not bound to a single genre.


There are many contributing factors that will make up the Metaverse and wearable cosmetics will certainly form one big part of it all. We believe it is important for a contending platform in the Metaverse space to display the capability of creating its own appealing IP, effectively designing and developing platform other IP brands want to be part of over time. Each Earth 2 skin starts from concept art which is reviewed and travels through numerous iterations before final approval. Once approved, it is then passed to our 3D modelling team for sculpting into high-poly then into low-poly with further reviews and strict adherence to our pipeline protocols throughout the process. When the low-poly model is finished, the 3D team finalizes the model with UV mapping and texture baking, running through their own QA processes during this stage. Once the entire 3D-sculpted model is approved, the models enter the skinning, rigging and weight painting process before being passed on to our animation team for further testing with various animations involving another set of QA such as minimizing clipping and identifying any other potential flaws in the model. The model then proceeds through the final process of approval with a game developer to ensure it passes all final tests and is absolutely game-ready for E2V1.


The Earth 2 Blueprint system will almost always require the Player to have the base item first before they can apply the skin. For example, if the Player has an avatar skin, they will first need a base avatar, or living Earth 2 being, to apply the skin to. In the case of a full avatar skin, this would be a case of having a synthesized avatar to apply the skin to, you would not need base versions of all the various clothing items for a full avatar skin. Many base items will be discovered, crafted or earned via various game play or a byproduct of the EcoSim inside Earth 2, meaning the Player first needs to do something in order to acquire the base item. Players will almost always be able to sell skins, but not always base items, however, base items which are a byproduct from the EcoSim will have a higher chance of being tradeable. Skins will be tradeable between Players for E$ and Essence.


Players will ultimately need a way to find areas or places inside Earth 2. The EPL (Earth 2 Property Locator) serves as a type of URL which will allow Players to teleport directly to those specific properties. EPLs, like a website URL, will become very important to Players searching for specific experiences or visiting specific properties inside the Earth 2 Metaverse.


The Bazaar is a massive trading hub for various digital items inside Earth 2. At present it provides a place for Players to buy and sell Jewels, Cydroids, Civilians and more on a secondary market for E$ (E$1 = $1USD) and Essence in the future.


The Holobuilding Editor is a refined design tool that allows Players to create custom buildings and structures which can either be built on properties, or sold in the Bazaar. This feature was primary developed to allow Players to explore and express their creativity. however, Holobuildings also have a level of utility in that Holobduildings that are built on properties have the ability to store Resource Occurrence Units for future Resource replication.


Even with the processing of what is probably the most accurate resource location data in the world, there were always going to be edge cases where our system missed a resource. For this purpose we created the Earth 2 Player Resource Validation system which is a 2 part system whereby Players are able to submit a claim for a particular Resource they believe exists in their land. Originally developed as a way for Players to ensure they do not miss out on Resource distribution whilst encouraging community collaboration, the E2PRV system has since been refined to focus more on rewarding Players who participate in the system.


HoloBlueprints can be bought and sold in the Bazaar, as either Holobuildings (built form) or Blueprints (design plans). This trading system is highly sophisticated and enables creative Players to share and profit from their talent, creativity, and time. From a Player-to-Player trading perspective, the Bazaar displays all the details relevant to the sale such as the type (Holobuilding or Blueprint), original designer, current seller, creation date, as well as the listed price, built size, number of vertices and overall volume of a HoloBlueprint. The U2U Holobuilding Trading system is so advanced it can track joint ownership of combined digital assets and accurately distributed royalties for every ongoing sale on the secondary market. This system can be reused for almost any type of digital item inside of Earth 2, whether user generated or not.



Compliance and customer support have always been a high priority and were critical areas we needed to get right for our business and customers. To protect all users, especially the end user, a Player wanting to sell any property or digital items on Earth 2 is required to be verified via a KYC process. This is not only an industry standard procedure to integrate KYC processes for compliance requirements, but ensures we are taking all necessary steps to protect our Players and maintain a safe platform that promotes Player-to-Player activities. Earth 2 has a full-time team who maintain compliance checks which clearly represents our underlying commitment to safety and security on the Earth 2 platform.


Inside Earth 2, Players can either purchase a property directly with their credit card, crypto wallet, or account balance in the form of E$ (E$1 = $1USD), which can be topped up by the user beforehand. Concurrent to streamlined crediting of E$ to an Earth 2 account, Earth 2 developed a purpose-built withdrawal system to facilitate the withdrawal of Players’ E$ directly to fiat currency. This robust, high-quality system handles payouts in numerous currencies, and is built with high security, never having been breached to date. We employ multiple senior accountants full time to oversee the process and to provide support to the few customers who have problems withdrawing using our refined, automated withdrawal system. To date our system withdrawal system has processed over $22,000,000 USD in Player withdrawals.


For general Customer Service, we developed our own internal procedures and implemented a customized complex yet efficient version of Zendesk. We have a ticket numbering system which tracks the start and end of every ticket and for complicated or specialized cases. We employ in-house full-time staff based in Sydney, Australia and Europe to provide further assistance.


Since launching in November 2020, Players have had the opportunity to purchase virtual real estate directly from Earth 2 and leverage that real estate for various purposes within Earth 2, including activities such as Player-to-Player trading via a secondary market purely based on fiat currency.

This system is a fully fledged automated Virtual Real Estate solution, is highly complex to build and functions at scale with high level transactions and over 120 million correctly processed land positions spanning across the entire globe. It also has the ability to control transfer fees.


Our first MVP included a foundational system that allowed Players to purchase, own, sell and bid on properties. Ownership of virtual land within Earth 2 is a core component of establishing a truly Player-focused metaverse, which currently facilitates: Players purchasing land directly from Earth 2, with protection from race conditions (i.e two people trying to buy the same land at the same time) via instant assignment of ownership.

Players accessing the complete description of all the properties they own, including details of:

  • The unique Property Deed,
  • Owner of Property,
  • Land Tier,
  • Land Class,
  • Player-built assets on the property (i.e. Mentar, Holobuildings),
  • Property size,
  • Location of the Property with the precise coordinates to the location of every tile within the Property,
  • Satellite Image of the location of the Property,
  • Property Address,
  • Country,
  • Purchase Price,
  • Market Value Price (including price fluctuation estimates),
  • Any Resources discoverable and exploitable on the Property,
  • Essence transformed to date, and
  • Property market status (For Sale / Not for Sale); A system which allows Players to bid on another Player’s property including features for;
  • Placing a bid,
  • Updating a bid,
  • accepting a bid, with includes the automatic transfer of the ownership title
  • rejecting a bid,
  • counter offering a bid,
  • seeing the bid history,
  • automated ESCROW to increase bid security and proof of available funds, and
  • Automatic return of amount held in escrow if bids are rejected.
  • And a system which allows Players to list and trade their property with other Players via the Marketplace.


After much anticipation, Earth 2 is making its first move into the Web3 space. Essence will become a disinflationary ERC-20 Utility Token initially launching on the Ethereum Blockchain. The Layer 1 Ethereum Blockchain was chosen for its superior security, compliance and decentralization merits.


The core reason for making Essence into a Utility Token is not only for the assistance it provides Earth 2 with the development of such an ambitious project, but to provide our community with a compliant place to trade the token.


Essence will be capped at a maximum supply of 1,000,000,000 (one billion) tokens with the majority of these tokens being mineable over time by land holders.


Each time an Essence token is mined, a smaller amount of Essence is unlocked in the Earth 2 Treasury, gradually providing access to funds the Earth 2 team requires in order to build, scale, market, expand and support such an ambitious project.


Essence will be disinflationary with halving events set to activate when the total mined + unlocked Essence reaches 500,000,000 (five hundred million), 750,000,000 (seven hundred and fifty million) and 875,000,000 (eight hundred and seventy five million) respectively. At each halving event, the E-ther spawn rate, or minable E-ther, for each respective land tier type will reduce by 50%. E-THER TO ESSENCE TRANSFORMATION E-ther to Essence transformation will remain at 6.5%.



As many will be aware, the Web3 space is still stabilising and is often very upredictable. There are mistakes made every day, even by well established names in the space. Earth 2 has always planned to move cautiously into the Web3 space, therefore, we will be implementing a number of steps and procedures, at least initially, to ensure all of the systems are secure and work as expected. We highly suggest that each Player do their own due dilligence on best practice security with anything related to tokens, storage, wallets, transacting and anything else Web3 related.


To begin, Players will be able to connect a MetaMask wallet to their Earth 2 account. In order to connect this wallet, the Player will need to have their 2FA activated on their Earth 2 account as they will need the Authenticator Code to complete the connection of their wallet. Any time the Player wishes to move their Essence tokens into their connected wallet, they will need to confirm using the correct 2FA code.


To begin, all Essence tokens that appear in the Player profile when logged into their Earth 2 account will be stored in a default wallet for the ecosystem. When tokens are in this wallet, Players will be able to use them inside of Earth 2 for a multitude of reasons without being subjected to gas transfer fees. Security for this wallet will naturally be important, therefore it will be a multi-sig wallet meaning multiple signatures are required before transfers are processed. Players will be able to lodge a request to transfer their Essence tokens to the wallet they have successfully linked to their Earth 2 account using the 2FA authenticator.

This request will be batched and reviewed by our accounting team to ensure the Player withdrawing the tokens has acquired them legitimately and to perform other security spot checks in the best interest of the Earth 2 Players and platform. We do not foresee any KYC restrictions on this procedure just yet, but if a Player is caught attempting to process illegitimate withdrawals their account will be frozen and further action will be taken.


To bring tokens back into Earth 2 and use them within the ecosystem, the Player simply needs to send the tokens from the wallet they have successfully connected to their Earth 2 account to the main default wallet for the ecosystem. This will trigger an event that automatically credits the transferred Essence to that Players account, ready for use inside Earth 2.

More details on all of the above steps will be provided via the website once the system is live.


The Essence Utility Token will first launch on the UniSwap DEX. An official date is not yet announced, but at this point in time it will be late April or May.


From a legal standpoint and for a number of other reasons, Earth 2 will not be providing a liquidity pool. Our focus as a project will be on what we always set out to achieve, building a geolocational metaverse, focusing our time and effort on building a sustainable metaverse platform which we believe will have positive organic on-flow effects to other aspects of the project over time. It is clear we want the best for those who are actively supporting our project, which is reflected in the supply cap and many of the features we are developing.


EDC is Essence that was promised to Players who have it assigned to specific land they own. EDC is protected for guaranteed detection and collection in any is remaining in years to come at the end of the mining cycle.


At the point of launch, we anticipate approximately 300 million tokens in circulation. This includes tokens unlocked from the Treasury and Tokens spent by Players to date, but the majority of these tokens (over 200 million) have been mined or earned by Players.


In addition to being disinflationary, Essence is also deflationary. In many cases, but not all, a percentage of Essence sent to the Treasury will be burned. Two prime examples of this are Land Upgrades and Ad Broadcasting with both cases having a 50% burn rate.



We have kept the Token Allocation very simple. The first and largest is the pool of Essence reserved for Landowners and accounts for E-ther detected on land which in then mined or raided. If the E-ther evaporates without being mined or raided it will re-enter the Earth 2 ecosystem to be spawned again. Much of this pool may also be considered as Play to Earn, especially if Landowners decide to use the Ad Broadcasting system with mini-games or experiences.


The Web3 industry is still in its infancy and if projects are to thrive there must be a level of freedom to adjust when needed. For this reason, the Treasury is a central multipurpose wallet Earth 2 will utilise for various needs, including but not limited to development, supporting the project, marketing and promotion, costs, team allocations, liquidity pools when and if required from future potential exchanges, advisers, MODs and so forth. These tokens will be unlocked progressively via the symbiotic relationship with Player earned tokens.


The Rewards and Play for Earn wallet is reserved for Play 2 Earn acivities Earth 2 may promote from time to time, rewards via staking opportunities such as Earth 2 Player Resource Validations, Yellow Energy Rewards, Air Drops, Sponsorships and other activities that might reward the community or help grow the project.



Over our short history, Earth 2 has already faced a number of trialing situations. In each case we have pushed through remaining focused on building the product we set out to build and consistently releasing production ready features to our community during a bear market. The significant number of features we have released and visual progress we have shown is a clear demonstration of our capability, dedication and intention to build Earth 2.


Since launching in November 2020, the Earth 2 business model has been 100% self-sufficient – everything we have built and the progress we have made has been achieved without Venture Captial meaning our business model is sustainable. The Essence Token and E2V1 will open up new opportunities and allow us to push forward through new boundaries and beyond.



We are building a platform that will be sustainable long term, based on an ideology of a symbiotic relationship with our Players and people interacting on our platform. We have long term realistic exit strategies via advertising, e-commerce, secondary markets, the EcoSim and numerous other options which will be developed over time.


Finally, there is ownership – it is inevitable that the Metaverse will be built – do you really want the Metaverse built by a corporate giant which has the goal to only benefit its own stakeholders?


We have track record of trying to benefit our Players. We have also consistently built over the past 3 years and will continue to build for years to come as is evident in our history Road Map on the following page. Whether you want to own land or just play inside the metaverse – be part of Earth 2 and let’s build the People’s Metaverse together.



  • Official launch of Earth 2 platform and entire suite of base features
  • Earth 2 Inception video created in October, 2020


  • Extensive performance updates
  • Earth 2’s very first dev stream live on Twitch, YouTube, Twitter & Facebook
  • Automated referral code system
  • Marketplace filters
  • 2FA Security
  • New Login
  • New payment processing system
  • Grid and general UI updates
  • Profile page banners
  • Phone number fied filter
  • Uplod verification documents
  • New username selections
  • Block bids under 30% solution
  • New support page
  • New FAQ section
  • 1st version of automatic credit card payout system
  • Heatmap view
  • Bot prevention
  • Map based promos
  • LIT upgrade
  • Dubai opening
  • Official video release of Earth 2’s Terrain Engine System in 4K
  • Earth 2’s second dev stream (Terrain video LIVE)
  • Pagination & loading spee improvements 3D Map view with Choropleth
  • Revamp of automated credit card payout system
  • Released Earth2 virtual card
  • Introduction of Jewel system
  • Major upgrade to React framework
  • Introduction of the Bazaar
  • Introduction of automated KYC system
  • Restrictions on non-KYC User-to-User trading
  • Added How-To, Careers & Partners sections
  • Leaderboard & Notification improvements
  • Withdrawal improvements
  • Introduction of EPLs
  • Updated Real Time Price
  • Change Detectability on listed Properties
  • Introduction of Notification Hub
  • Bidding System Improvement
  • Slotting Expansion
  • Introduction of Mentars
  • Introduction of E-ther being
  • processed into Essence
  • Introduction of Jewel Slotting into Mentars
  • Introduction of Holobuilding Editor (Blueprints)
  • Official video release of Physics inside the Earth 2 Terrain Engine
  • Partnership with Jumio, provider of AI-powered verification technology
  • Bazaar UI Update
  • 3D Mentar Model Grid Display
  • Holobuilding Vertex Increase Support
  • Introduction of Holobuildings
  • Alphabetic filter for Jewel Slotting
  • EPL Management for Projects / Megacities
  • Heatmap Upgrade
  • Introduction of Jewel Crafting to the Resource section
  • Added Jewel Shards
  • Introduction of Tier 2 Jewels
  • Introduction of Jewel Qualities
  • DRONE acquisition
  • Introduction of Gift Feature
  • Gift Feature email delivery system


  • Second Earth 2 Egg Hunt 2022 with prizes in E$ and NFTs
  • Expansion on Game Activity feed data
  • Live Game Activity integrated
  • into the website header
  • Introduction of Tier 3 Jewels
  • Release of T3 Jewel recipes
  • Over $1.3M in fiat worth of Jewels sold to date in P2P trading
  • EDC Released
  • Essence Drop distributed to Players
  • Introduction of T1 and T2 Land
  • Numerous other major updates from EDC
  • Introduction of Game Activity Ticker – MultiColour Property Display – Portfolio UI Update with more Filters
  • Essence record update to Transaction page
  • Major partnership with Polygon Studios
  • Omar Rahim joins Earth 2 as Strategic Advisor DEC 2021
  • Holobuilding update
  • Landing Page update
  • Map / Tile / Grid optimisation update
  • Updated mobile-friendly layout
  • Tier 1 distinguishable from Tier 2 properties as brighter colour
  • Custom referral codes for T1 property owners
  • 7.5% discount/refund for T1 custom referral codes
  • Progress update on Resources
  • First winners of Egg Hunt 2022 announced
  • Market Place update for bot protection
  • Introduction of E-ther heatmap
  • Progressive release of Locked Countries over Q1
  • Draft of the Earth 2 Web3 Document
  • First Dev Vlog video in new Series goes Live: Dev VLOG #1
  • E2V1 Digital Earth Rendering Progress
  • Various optimisations implemented to the Bazaar
  • Earth 2 VLOG #2 ECOSIM – First Phase 2 Building & Tech Introduction
  • Bidding Hub 2 major update Player to Player Bidding
  • New Leaderboards
  • EPL flagging/removal function
  • Celebrating Earth Day – Essence rewards for Active
  • Earth 2 passes 100 Million tile sales
  • First Edition Civilians Officially Live on Earth 2!
  • Introduction to Civilian sustenance system
  • Introduction to the Raid Commander targeting system and Civilian XPs
  • Property Flags for individual properties
  • Resource Heatmaps, Resource details on Property Card and Property Info page
  • Notification Hub 2
  • Further Essence Generation updates as part of prepartion to list Essence as a Token
  • Holobuilding security update Copy Prevention
  • Updates to Country Statistics page
  • Fractions of Essence
  • Game Activity and Transaction history updated to dark theme
  • Strategic Partnership with R/GA announced
  • Gifting Update – displaying on Player properties
  • New Jewel utility for Raiding and Cydroids
  • OVER $19M USD processed by Earth 2
  • Videov – Deep- dive game mechanics on Civilians
  • E-ther and Essence decimalisation
  • NOV 2022 Earth 2 turns 2
  • Introduction to User-to-User Holobuilding and Blueprint trading
  • First round of E2PRV validations begin for Gold, Oil, Coal, Limestone and Iron
  • Resolution to 2021 pending Egg Hunt winner and runners-up
  • Updates to U2U HB Trading Feature – V1.1
  • Limited Edition HBs
  • Resell Holobuildings.
  • Sell Limited Edition Holobuildings.
  • Shareable URLs for HB listings
  • HB Profile Gallery for Designers
  • Royalties for eligible original HB designers
  • Video – E2V1 3D Earth 2 Engine Tech Demo
  • Announced strategic partnership with Ready Player Me
  • Introduction of Earth 2 Player Resource Validation (E2PRV) system
  • Weekly Countdowns for Mentar Giveaways
  • New Country releases for previously locked countries!
  • Over 50 % of E2PRV processed and 20 Million Essence awarded to Players


  • P2P Civilian Trading LIVE on the Bazaar
  • Cydroid Management feature released
  • Cydroid Management update & Cydroid Slotting
  • Property page update – new Jewel Boost overview for Resources
  • Update to Jewel Bazaar – Dark theme
  • Jewel UI Update – new interface, Icons + bulk slotting
  • Red Energy for New T1 purchases ends
  • Introduction to Cydroid rarities and Property Trading protocols
  • Footage of Raiding inside E2V1 updates and improvements to raiding
  • Video – Flying inside Earth 2’s 3D World – E2V1
  • Introduction of Red Energy’ & the First RBA Reward
  • Crypto payments/deposits via RocketFuel
  • Stripe Payment option added to Earth 2 MAY 2023
  • Earth 2’s First sustenance system for Civilians
  • Introduction to the Civilian XPs and Raid Commander targeting system
  • Civilians officially Live
  • Raiding, Cydroids & Civilians High Level Summary
  • Raiding & Cydroid Update + Green Light on Stage 2
  • Cydroid Raiding release, first iteration of the Raiding Game Engine
  • E2PRV reopens starting with silver/copper
  • E-ther transactions added to transaction page
  • Supercharged E-ther for Earth 2 day
  • Updates to the Jewel Slotting Interface
  • The Weaver, Prospecting Cydroid and Resources game mechanics
  • Video – EcoSim game mechanics breakdown
  • Profile page update – Resources Overview
  • Optional O.U. Campaign for Wood, Water and Sand
  • Introduction to Brilliant Jewel
  • Reduced Essence rejection rate for E2PRV claims
  • P2P Cydroid Trading LIVE on the Bazaar
  • Updates to Jewel Bazaar – Full transition to dark theme
  • Jewels Bulk Buy & New Marketplace Filter
  • NOV 2023 Earth 2 turns 3
  • Premiere Video- the beauty of E2V1 in-engine (4K)
  • Official Earth 2 Skin Store release
  • Introducing Kyung, Earth 2’s first avatar


  • Skin Gifting feature LIVE
  • E2V1 Pre-Alpha invitation to Earth 2 players
  • Major retroactive air drop of Essence related to EDC in 2021
  • Released Limited Edition Cupid’s Cleaner and CUPID XOX skins to E2 Skin Store
  • Released Yellow Energy Content Contribution system
  • Yellow Energy XP system
  • Released Anubis skin to E2 Skin Store
  • Announced collaborative partnership with MetaGravity
  • Abort Raid Feature
  • Updates to Raiding
  • T3 Territory Governance system is LIVE
  • Pilot governance system
  • Automate Territory Release
  • Boosted E-ther Pools
  • Settings page overhaul
  • Earth 2 Skins blueprint system details revealed
  • Relaxing footage of E2V1
  • All Resources confirmed with 25/32 still open to claim via E2PRV
  • Released Motorway Marauder skin to E2 Skin Store
  • The Power of Essence article detailing fluctuating power of Essence in E2 Metaverse
  • Eventide – Earth 2 Skin Development Progress video
  • Released Khephera skin to E2 Skin Store
  • Over $15,000 worth of Land gifted to 200 lucky winners of the giveaway competition.
  • Attended Game Developers Conference, San Francisco
  • Showcasing interactive build of E2V1 to the public for the very first time Q2 2024
  • Essence ERC-20 Utility Token Launch Q2 2024
  • Initial E2V1 Pre-Alpha closed testing Q3 2024
  • E2V1 Pre-Alpha possibly with early multiplayer support Q3 2024
  • Broadcasting Device Crafting
  • Earth 2 Whitepaper Release
  • Major EcoSim release of Resource Frequence confirmation, OU Generation and more



This Earth 2 White Paper is for information purposes only. We do not guarantee the accuracy of or the conclusions reached in this White Paper, and this White Paper is provided “as is” and may be altered or updated at any time by Earth 2. In particular, the “Roadmap” as set out in the text of the White Paper is subject to change, which means that Earth 2 is not bound by any representations to the future performance and the returns of Earth 2. The actual results and the performance of Earth 2 may differ materially from those set out in the Earth 2 White Paper. This White Paper does not make and expressly disclaims all representations and warranties, express, implied, statutory or otherwise, whatsoever, including, but not limited to: (i) warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, suitability, usage, title or non-infringement; (ii) that the contents of this White Paper are free from error; and (iii) that such contents will not infringe third-party rights. In no event will Earth 2 or its affiliates be liable to any person or entity for any damages, losses, liabilities, costs or expenses of any kind, whether direct or indirect, consequential, compensatory, incidental, actual, exemplary, punitive or special for the use of, reference to, or reliance on this White Paper or any of the content contained herein, including, without limitation, any loss of business, revenues, profits, data, use, goodwill or other intangible losses. Please refer to our website for terms & conditions If you are unfamiliar with White Paper disclaimers, we urge you to check White Papers for some of the largest tokens worldwide.